Mega Leasing Plc. is a financial leasing institution established and registered the name in the Ministry of Commerce in 2013 under the corporation between Mega Fund Limited of Cambodian shareholders and Laksmi Prime Investment of Japanese shareholders.

The company was granted formal license from National Bank of Cambodia to operate financial leasing products and service under the name as Mega Leasing Plc. in 2014. Onwards, with clear vision, missions, and values the institution keeps growing and expanding its products and services.

2013 : Mega Leasing Plc. has been established and registered with the Ministry of Commerce to start its financial leasing service in Cambodia in May 2013.

2014 : Mega Leasing Plc. has been granted formal business license as Leasing Institution from National Bank of Cambodia and expand its operating areas to other 3 more provinces.

2015 : Mega Leasing Plc. has expanded its operating areas to other 3 more provinces to cover  to better and faster serve its targeted clients around Cambodia.

2016-2018 : Mega Leasing Plc. has reach out to clients in community and expand its operating areas to go further within its existing operating area. Various products and services have been.

Vision : To be a leading financial lease service provider in Cambodia.

Mission : To provide fast financial leasing services that meet clients’ needs, while creating value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

Core Value : There are 4 such as

  • Integrity: we uphold professionalism, honesty and transparency in all of our work.
  • Mutual Respect: respect for the individual is inherent in our beliefs. It is a guideline principle in our relationship with partners and colleagues and the people we serve.
  • Teamwork: we value ‘’teamwork” among our staffs and encourage active participation in a supportive and friendly environment.
  • Accountability: everyone is responsible for the tasks and results produced under his/her holding position.


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