Annual Party Of Mega Leasing staff to Koh Kong

On Oct 01, 2016, Mega Leasing Plc., set up the celebration of the annual party with around 300 employee whom they came from various locations in operational area as well as all level of Mega Leasing management team to Koh Kong province for the retreat time spending two nights and three days.

This celebration gathered together with both management team and all staff at the head office of Mega Leasing situates at #67, Street 125, Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, and stated its journey at 6:00 am leading to Koh Kong province.

The purpose of this celebration was set up to enjoy and cheer our annual staff achievement for their working hard, working commitment and devoting their time to the company to grow dramatically, especially, to build the closer  relationship between staff and staff.

Also, within the three-day celebration, Mega Leasing organized a plenty of fun entertainment for all staff, program for granting awards to outstanding staff as well as conducting social-charity work  like clean the environment and re-grow mangrove at the seaside, etc.

“In term of our social-charity work, I intend to remind all Mega Leasing staff to contribute the love and protection of environment, especially, it is also the key message to the public to love the value of environment both in urban and rural area because clean environment will bring us fresh air, good health, and it is potential key to attract the majority of foreigners to visit our country. Moreover, It will aspire our economic grow onward. This activity is not the first time when Mega Leasing joins the social-charity work; we have done many times already. I hope that this social-activity contribution will be the reflection and be able to draw our Cambodian’s attention to love the nature” said Mr. Ueng Kimseng, CEO of Mega Leasing Plc.

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